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We are already used to think that technology evolution will change the way our cities look, but we didn't expect that change would happen so fast. The urban transformations that have occurred over time on urban level have created another reality. If they are for the better or for the worse it´s only a question of perspectives.

Information and entertainment were the most common concepts used in the development of mobile apps. Now the progress of mobile technologies is unstoppable and their growth is unrestrained. The main explanation of this phenomenon is the great versatility and the infinite number of uses that can be given to mobile apps.

The idea that technological innovations remain only as laboratory experiments or have a restricted applicability has changed. And why is that? The answer is that technology is now closer to any person who gets into a shop or just stands in front of their computer with new purchasing ideas.

In a 2013 ranking of the most innovative companies, the first three positions are taken up by three different companies: the first one is a very known athletic footwear , the second an online sales company and the third place is occupied by a mobile applications company.

Applications have become a constant in our lives and its use has intensified lately. With the emergence of Play Market and App Store, representatives of the major operating platforms, Apple and Android, has been given the final leap to the mass use of apps.

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